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An Unlikely Witnessing Opportunity

Updated: 5 days ago

 One day I was teaching some pastors and leaders Blueprint Evangelism. This is strategic training on creating a culture of evangelism in the local church. The auditorium was being remodeled and, as I was leaving, I noticed a few construction workers on their lunch break. I went to my car and grabbed some witnessing tracts. I walked back into the church and approached the men who were eating their lunch. One of the obstacles that many people have in engaging in a gospel conversation is how to start one. In this case, I used a simple and direct approach. I informed the men that I had been teaching church leaders how to lead their churches to share the good news of Jesus. It would be wrong for me to teach others and walk past them and not share Jesus. I shared how much Jesus loves us and all that He did in dying for our sins. This was a gospel conversation of sowing gospel seeds. I encouraged them to read the simple tract and never forget that a stranger stopped and told them about the love of Jesus. I have been praying that God would take that simple conversation and gospel tract, and that one day all those men would come to know the peace and love of God.


Some takeaways:

  1. Evangelism can take place in the daily routines of life.

  2. Evangelism is simply telling others the good news of the gospel.

  3. Success for the witness is obedience to the great commission.

  4. Be prepared to witness by knowing the gospel, knowing your personal testimony, and giving away a gospel tract.

  5. Leaders must model evangelism and not just teach evangelism.


We must continue sharing the gospel as long as God gives us opportunities to do so. Remember to pray for the gospel conversations that you have and for the Holy Spirit to continue to convict those who heard that all may be saved. My assignment that day was to teach church leaders. God had more planned for me. It seemed unlikely that seven or eight lost men would be at the church on a Thursday afternoon eating lunch. What an opportunity! We are surrounded by these types of opportunities because the fields are white to harvest.


Prayer: Lord, the harvest is great, but the workers are few. Help us to become passionate workers in the harvest by telling the story of the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus and how lost people can be saved. Let’s keep telling the sweet story of Jesus!

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